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Born in Slovenia (EU) and raised at one of the country's greatest natural phenomena Bohinj where I have lived ever since. Bohinj and its lake are my everlasting source of inspiration, no matter the season, regardless the weather. On this page you can also see photos taken on my travels to US, Canary Islands, France, Italy...

Endless Search was the name of my first photo exhibition and it is the name of my web page. Endless Search - Neskoncno iskanje in Slovenian - is also the name of my wife's blog - http:/​/​neskoncnoiskanje.​blogspot.​com - where you can see some photos and read what's going on (so far Slovenian only). Many of them have been dedicated to our little baby girl Vida.

Why Endless Search? We never stop searching for the perfect shot. I made a photo and I like it but I know I could do better maybe in different conditions or with other equipment so it never ends.

What would we do tomorrow if we would already took all the perfect shots today?

Welcome to my web page and enjoy the show.

Bostjan Odar